About Us

Ever find yourself stuck with stuff you don't need? It could be school books you no longer use, appliances, electronics, spare auto parts e.tc


Have a store in town but would like to promote your business online to get attention but too many groups in social media you only want to add in one place?


How about the the need of having a yard sale but you don't want anybody at your yard?


Jam-Dung understands the struggle you face and yes the struggle is real. The creator of Jam-Dung actually had the same issue and decided why not help others having the same issue. Thus Jam-dung was born.


Jam-Dung is a platform that connects buyers to sellers on one amazing platform. Instead of having to post your products in 10 different groups, just post it in one place and get response, feedback, comments or offers.


Buyers and Sellers can chat live and make arrangements on purchases and offers. So are you tired of having to drive all the way in town from store to store looking for things and burning up all your gas, paying for packing space, when you can search your for waht you want online?


Then Jam-Dung is here for you. So if you have something you need to sell or get rid of, just take 1 minute and snap a few proper pictures of the product, add your cost, add your location and condition of the item, post it and you set.


Easy for business who wants to build clientelle, easy for individuals who need to get rid of goods, easy for person who want to sell online and opena online business. It's easy easy easy.


So start posting and shopping now.