Terms and Policy

Here is the terms and policy of the Jam- Dung site

  • Let's have a good buyer and seller relationship. Great deals require trust. Act with integrity.


  • Be honest and build your credibity to sell more and have more clientele. Jam-Dung has made it easier than ever to find great deals in your neighborhood, but we can’t do it alone. Every deal requires trust. Accurately and fairly represent yourself and the items you’re buying or selling.


  • Attempts to deceive or defraud users are not tolerated.


  • Jam-Dung is providing only a platform to make the connection between buyers and sellers. If you have an existing business ensure to but your address to bring customers there as well. This is a great marketing tool where Locals can shop from the comfort of their room and communicate with you.


As much as we would like you to sell everything they are a few items which are prohibited. Please see below:

  • Items should be of actual product. No stock product is allowed.


  • Items that promote or support hate groups


  • Items that depict or glorify violence


  • Counterfeit goods


  • Replicas that are sold without consent from the trademark owner


  • Stocks and other securities that are non-transferrable


  • Stolen goods


  • Postings or messages that are defamatory, libelous, fraudulent or otherwise violate the law.


  • Postings or messages that violate right of publicity or privacy.


  • All firearms, accessories and ammunition

Unfortunately any abuse of this website will result in your account being permanently closed. We don’t allow spam on our site - not the meat product and not the annoying, untargeted behavior that clogs up the internet. Don’t repeatedly post the same products, and don’t start a conversation with someone unless you're actually interested in buying their item.


Welcome to Jam-Dung and have a great buyer seller experience. Feel free to report any abuse or issues you may have. Happy Shopping